Phillip Schrager

Collection of Contemporary Art


For nearly forty years, the object of Omaha businessman Phil Schrager’s aesthetic affection was contemporary art—the art of our time. It offered a dynamic, living history in the making, a continuously refreshing reflection of a world of ideas and images. Notably fascinated by large-scale painting, Schrager built a collection by an impressive range of international artists who answered to his particular quest for beauty.

In 2006, Schrager designed a formal space in which to enjoy some of the most recent fruits of his collecting activities. The galleries also provided a means to create public access to part of the collection: they are open by appointment for arts and educational groups, and once a year to all. By the time of his death in 2010, Schrager had assembled a powerhouse collection of contemporary art that remains among the most important and ambitious in the region, a legacy that his family is pleased to continue sharing in his memory.


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